St. Magdalene of Canossa


Foundress of Conossian Daughters and Sons of Charity

Magdalene Gabriella of Canossa was born at Verona, Italy on 1st March 1774. When five, she lost her father. At seven, she was abandoned by her mother who remarried. She was then entrusted to a Governess who did not understand her and caused her to suffer much.

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Canossa Convent NTT (Nursery Teacher’s Training)

      St. Magdalene of Canossa, the Foundress of Canossian Institute says, ‘Education is the harvest that yields much’. Education of the girl child was very dear to her. And so she started the educational Institutions.
      The tender age of 3-5 is the proper age for a child to be moulded. Seeing this as a need, many places in Dhule, some individuals and Institutions have started Nursery classes for the children. The basics of study, character formation and the talent search in child is expected from these classes.
     To fulfill the above expectations the nursery teachers have to be empowered for this great task. Feeling the need to train these persons (future nursery teachers), who intend to spend their time in helping the small ones, grow beautifully and bloom. We the Canossian sisters have taken the lead to start this NTT course.
      Our basic aim is to prepare the teachers with right values to impart it to the children and also the way of teaching and mingling with the children.
     June – Nov. 2012 was the 1st batch of 18 students. They are very happy, appreciative of the course and are eager to go and teach.
     The next batch will be from Nov – April 2013. Those who are interested in doing this course, kindly contact the Principal of Canossa Convent High School during the school hours.