St. Magdalene of Canossa


Foundress of Conossian Daughters and Sons of Charity

Magdalene Gabriella of Canossa was born at Verona, Italy on 1st March 1774. When five, she lost her father. At seven, she was abandoned by her mother who remarried. She was then entrusted to a Governess who did not understand her and caused her to suffer much.

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Taluka Level Science Exhibition (7th Dec. 17) :

The 43rd Taluka level Science Exhibition 2017-18 was held from 5th to 7th Dec. at Nikam Publlic School, Morane.
It was Tejas Deelip Varade of std X A who bagged the first prize in group – Secondary Urban for std 9th to 12th. His project was on Solid Waste Eco Management of drainage lines separation of solid waste and liquid water and management.
We are indeed proud of his Excellence.

L’chaim to the Wrestling Girl (6th Nov. 17) :

Once again it was good news for Canossa. Our wrestling champ – Miss Supriya B. Tupe of class VIII bagged the 1st position in State Championship under-14 52 kg. securing the Gold Medal.
She has also been selected for the National to be conducted in December in Uttar Pradesh by the by the Maharashtra State Wrestling Championship 2017-2018.
We pray for her and wish her All The Best..!

Cheers to our Basket-ball Team (30th Oct. 2017):

            The three Basket-ball teams Boys – U14, U17. Girls – U17 returned back home after giving a tough fight to their opponents.
The girls – U17 team was victorious and bagged the First position at the State level. Three of the players were selected for the National level
Girls -  1) Karina Surywanshi – X and
2) Devyani Jadhav  - IX are selected to play in Delhi whereas Rahul Salunkhe – VIII will be going for training to Chattisgarh.

The Basketball team u14 and u17 (25th Sept. 2017):

            The Basketball team u14 – boys, u17 – girls and boys won at the Divisional level and cherry on the cake is both the teams are selected for the State level. Sr. Mary congratulated the team and the P.T. teacher sir Vishwas for the efforts taken, wishing the team Best Luck.


            Miss Saffana Ansari of std. IX B won the 2nd prize for a scrap book which consisted of various pictures of Freedom Fighters. She arranged the pictures with innovative ideas and sent it to Mumbai for which she bagged the Second prize of Rs. 50,000.
            The school too encouraged her with a prize and motivated her as well as other students to take part in such creative activities.

After the verification of papers, the final results were as follows:
The average school result was a respectable 99%
The SSC toppers are:
1) Samruddhi Sunil Pawar – 98% standing First in school and Second in the district.
2) Rashi Sanjay Khandelwal – 95.8% standing Second in school.
3) Sejal Sunil Pagare – 95.6% standing Third in school.
We are proud to announce that 27 students secured 90% and above.
Kudos to all the Toppers!
Congratulations to all the students for passing in flying colours.
Best of luck!

Excellent performance (19th June, 17) :

            Miss Harkhush Samshersingh Sandhu of std. IX was awarded a trophy for her excellent performance during the training from 8th June to 17th June. She was selected as the Best Cadet among 400 cadets. The school is indeed proud of her achievement and wish her all the best.

Moment to be proud of ..! (6th May 2017) :

            The G.K. Olympiad result 2016-2017 was declared in the month of April. 84 students appeared – 7  students received gold medal, 4 students received bronze medals at the National level, class toppers – 4.
            It was Miss Purti Jain who clichéd the National Topper securing 90 marks. She was felicitated on 6th May in Nasik.

A Toast to the Basketball team – Girls :

                The Basketball team girls U14 – U17 had a hat-trick as they were declared winners at the State Level. Miss Sanika Shinkar U17, Miss Bhakti Lahamge and Miss Pooja Doshi U14 were selected for National Trials. The Management and the staff, students congratulated the team and wished them All the Best.

Announcement of the MTS-Result (13th July, 16) :
The school proudly announced the MTS result.
107 students appeared for the exam held in April 2016.
Miss Sonje Pooja Dhananjay of std. VIII stood 16th in State wise Ranking.
Miss Khandelwal Rashi Sanjay of std IX stood 1st at the District Level.
Master Varade Tejas Dilip stood 2nd at the District Level.
Consolation prizes were received by,
1) Pagare Sejal Sunil                      - std. IX
2) Bhavasar Pratik Rajendra          - std. X
3) Jain Siddhesh Sachin               - std. X
4) Ranade Abhishek Rajesh         - std. X

Results of the Innovative Council for English :

            Miss Mugdha S. Chavan – std. V stood 3rd in the National ranking with 95%. Miss Hanisha A Relan – std. VIII stood 8th in State ranking. Master Chaitanya S More stood 4th inn State ranking and master Tanish P Upkare stood 19th in State ranking.
            The National, State and school rankers were felicitated by the Organisers of the exam.


Miss Stuti Daniel Singh of std. IX attended the NCC Cadet Training and received the prize as the Best Cadet of the troop. Sir Ashwini felicitated the Cadet.

S.S.C. Result 2015-16
            The average school result was a respectable 98.44%
            After the verification of papers the Final Result were as follows:
            The S.S.C. toppers are,
            1) Aarti Agrawal                    95.60%
            1) Abhishek Ranade           95.60%
            2) Sara Patel                         94.80%
            3) Akshata Chaudhari        94.60%
            We are proud to announce that 46 students secured 90% and above.
            Three cheers to all the toppers..!
            Congratulations to all the students for passing in flying colours.
            All the Best for your Future…

Geography Talent Search Exam Results (18th Feb. 2016) :

134 students from std. V to X appeared for the exam. The overall result was 97%. Master Siddesh Sachin Jain of std. X stood first in the school with 92 marks out of 100.
The Geography teachers felicitated the deserving students. Mrs. Vimal – the senior teacher was felicitated for encouraging and conducting the exam.

Cheers to our Athletic Champ :
It was Master Harshwardhan Thorat of std. IX who broke records in three events 100m, 200m and 400m running race conducted by MHS Federation and was selected for the Nationals.
Miss Krutika Singh beat the bush inn Lawn tennis and Miss Prerna Jagtap in Taekwando. Both the girls reached the State Championship.

L’chaim to Canossa !
A Toast to the girls Basketball players :
            The Basketball Girls teams under 17, under 14 who had been victorious at the Divisional level had gone to participate at the State level inn Nagpur.
            It was a matter of pride when two of our sports girl 1- Miss Vaishnavi Hazare and 2- Paridhi Bhagwat were selected for the Nationals.
            The Principal and staff congratulated them and wished them all the Best.
            1- Miss Bhakti Mundada and 2- Miss Sanika Shinkar were also selected for the National Trials.

Science Exhibition (26th Sept. 2015) :
A science exhibition was held on 26th Sept. ’15 at Taluka level in Kamlabai High School, Dhule by Rashtriya Balvidnyan Parishad, New Delhi.
The topic was ‘Understanding Weather and Climate’. Four junior groups and 1 senior group were selected for the District level.
Group Leaders are :
1. Shreyansh Mainkar                    2. Nawale Jayesh
3. Ruchita Somvanshi                    4. Siddhi Sharma
5. Vaishnavi Rajput

Budding Scientist of Canossa (5th Jan., 2015) : A group of students presented their science project on the topic 'Effect of human activity on environment' . Sub topic - 'Effect of fpullution caused by autorickshaws in Dhule city.' The project was organised by the 22nd National Children's Scienve Congress from 27th Dec. to 30th Dec. It was indeed an enriching experience for the students - meeting scientist (National and International) interacting with them, watching CDs on science and observing other science projects. Sr. Ruth and all the teachers and students appreciated their efforts to presents the project at the National level. The group team was led by Adityavikram Sandip Biyani and Aditi Sunil Agrawal. The team members were Pratham Lulla, Sakshi Sanghvi adn Sahil Desale. Congratulations for your success...

Every year our students participate in Science Project conducted by 'National Children's Science Congress'. this year two groups were selected at the State level and cherry on the cake is one group has reached the National level.
The group will be going to Bangalore on the 27th of Dec. The name of the project is 'Study of Air Pollution caused by Rikshaws'. We wish them 'All The Best'.

S.S.C. School Result – 98.83%


1) Biyani Girija Sandeep – 94.36%
2) Khandelwal Amisha Omprakash – 94.18%
3) Matani Mehek Rajesh – 94%
We Are Proud of Our Top Rankers…!
  Computer Olympiad

Divyam R. Patwari std. V Gold Medalist

Rashi S. Khandelwal std. VI Gold Medalist

Akash G. Chaudhari std. VII Gold Medalist

Ayush K. Borse std. VIII Gold Medalist
        Students also received Silver medals and Bronze medals from each class. Sr. Margaret, the Principal congratulated the deserving students.
  A Toast to the National Champs ! Cheers to the two Sports Stars of Canossa.

The State player of Handball – Ankita Lahamge is selected for the Nationals. She will soon being representing at the National Level in Himachal Pradesh. Canossa is also proud of Asif Mirza who is selected for the Nationals will soon be playing in Indore. We wish them All The Best and hope to see them as future heroes of sports.

  Science Project – Inspire (5th Aug. ‘12)


We are proud t announce Miss Girija Sandeep Biyani of std. X bagged the 1st prize at the District level n the Science Exhibition ‘Inspire’ conducted from 3rd to 5th Aug. ’12.
She was inspired to prepare a project on ‘Eco-friendly Disposal of Thermocol’. She explained how thermocol readily dissolves in solvents like petrol and xylene and forms a glue like substance which is used to paste things like tiles, paper and to seal the gaps in the wall etc. she is selected for the second level.
Congratulations! Girija and All The Best!

  Science Project – Inspire (5th Aug. ‘12)
State Scholarship

Girija S. Biyani IX

District Scholarship

Dhanashree A. Patil     VIII   1
Saurabh R.Munot     VIII   2
Abhishek A. Shah     IX   3

Special Prize

Jaideep S. Saindane   IX

Consolation Prizes

Matani Mahek Rajesh     IX
Agrawal Krishna Rajendra     IX
Haswani Monika Haresh     IX
Shinde Chaitanya Milind     IX
Chaudhari Dhawal     IX
Goyal Riya Anand     VIII
Kothawade Piyusha Ravindra     VIII
Sonje Keshav Dinesh     VIII
Upkare Rajas Parag     VIII

  MTS RESULTS : (23rd June, 2012) (Maharashtra Talent Scholarship)
  MTS RESULTS : (23rd June, 2012) (Maharashtra Talent Scholarship)

The school received the students selected for Scholarship. Hats off to the children selected for the various scholarship.
Biyani Girija Sandeep bagged the State scholarship ranking 25th in the state. Patil Dhanashree Anil ranking 1st in district and Munot Saurabh Rajesh ranking 2nd in the district from std VIII. Shah Abhishek Ajay standing 3rd rank in the district from std IX.
We are also proud that Sonje Keshav Dinesh bagged the NMMS Scholarship.
Congratulations..! We are proud of you.

  English Olympiad 2012 (23rd June, 2012) :
Let us congratulate the students passing the second level of English Olympiad 2012.

1) Swarnim Sachin Chingre School Topper - std.
2) Anushka Ravindra Patil std. VI
3) Aaishwarya Deepak Khalane std. VII
4) Aayush Kishor Borse std. VII
5) Riya Anand Goyal std. VIII
6) Rajas Parag Upkare std. VIII
7) Kajal Jamiyat Gallani std. VIII
8) Piyusha Ravindra Kothawade std. VIII
9) Anieta Fareed Merchant std. IX
  S.S.C. RESULTS 2011-2012 : (22nd June, 2012)
Congratulations..! To all the students who passed the S.S.C. 2012.
The school result is 98.84%
Munot Siddharth Umesh with 98.36%
Deshpande Aditya Prashant with 95.82%
Jain Anuj Anil with 94.73%

C o n g r a t u l a t I o n s . . ! KEEP IT UP..!

  High School Scholorship Result-2012(Pune)

     The High school scholarship result was declared on 1st May by Sr. Margaret Sequeira. The average passing result was 71.11%. We are proud to announce that 5 of our students were selected for scholarships. They are
1) Borse Ayush Kishor : URB GEN ‘K’ 03
2) Kasodekar Anant Ajay : URB GEN ‘K’ 06
3) Khalane Aaishwarya Deepak : URB GEN ‘K’ 06
4) Lingayat Vishwesh Sandip : URB GEN ‘K’ 012
5) Matani Anshul Rajesh : URB GEN ‘K’ 015

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S….!
They were encouraged by the Principal Sr. Margaret Sequeira and given guidance for the various subjects by Mrs. Prabha Pathak, Mrs. Rashmi Khamborkar, Mrs. Sushma Valentine and Mrs. Geeta Bhatti.

Science Olympiad Result :
The school received the Science Olympiad result of the Second level. The following students passed with flying colours, they received a certificate and a gift hamper from the Science Olympiad – Foundation.
1 Ayush Kishor Borse std VII 14th NSO Level 2
2 Ayush Kishor Borse std VII 5th IMO Level 2
3 Agrawal Raj Sharad std VIII 5th IMO Level 2
4 Ahirrao Kaustubh Sarjerao std X 5th IMO Level 2