St. Magdalene of Canossa


Foundress of Conossian Daughters and Sons of Charity

Magdalene Gabriella of Canossa was born at Verona, Italy on 1st March 1774. When five, she lost her father. At seven, she was abandoned by her mother who remarried. She was then entrusted to a Governess who did not understand her and caused her to suffer much.

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'Let Your Light Shine'

Principal's Desk

     I am glad to put forward my views regarding our school. The Vision & Mission of our school as a Catholic Institution is ‘Education for life’. Our foundress St. Magdalene of Canossa had a vision of forming students for life, preparing them to form their family & in the long run the society and the nation.
     In this modern era, when students are influenced by the temptations of the globalized market & media and are going ahead brushing aside old values & morals, we as educators try to teach them to swim against the current.
     Our education is to teach the students to appreciate & live with proper values with a positive attitude, so as to discover the deeper meaning of life, to care for the weaker sections in society,to enjoy and care for the world of nature, to find fulfillment in work and to achieve higher levels of excellence in life.

     In the past & even today the Christian community in India has made many noble contributions to the society & nation through education. At this critical juncture when corruption is even eroding the education system, it is a great challenge to our Christian Institutions to be a model in this noble task of education. Christian education is based on five C’s: 1) Character 2) Competence 3) Conscience 4) Compassion 5) Commitment.
     Teaching is known as the noblest profession because a teacher is a pioneer of every other profession. Every teacher should have three H’s:

1) A Skillful Hand 2) A Right Head 3) A Kind Heart.
     The whole education process is focused on students, and as learners they should be aware of four L’s: 1) Learning to know 2) Learning to do 3) Learning to be 4) Learning to live.
     In this whole process or give and take of education, the Principal has a major role to be a Catalyst of Transformation. I pray to the Almighty to bless all of us, Principal, Teachers & students to build a better life & a better society in a better world. Let this convention generate even better results than in the past.
May God Bless Us All..!